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Toast with Sauteed Mushrooms, baby Spinach, Herbs and Garlic, Topped with a Sunny Side up Egg
with recipe (link)


Toast with Sauteed Mushrooms, baby Spinach, Herbs and Garlic, Topped with a Sunny Side up Egg

with recipe (link)

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I KNOW THIS IS TECHNICALLY SUMMER FOOD BUT UNTIL OCTOBER HITS I AM IN DENIAL ABOUT IT BEING FALL…Also, like I keep saying I have a few more food posts from my Instagram (@ceciliasingley) to catch up on.

Presenting…..FISH TACOS!!!
I LOVE fish tacos and they are pretty easy to make. Fun to do with friends, at different stations with different cooking duties. Though if you are at least 33% badass like me you can handle it on your own I swear.

Seen here:

Beer batter fried flounder and cod. Sliced avocado. Cebollitas/Green onions. Jalapenos STRAIGHT OUTTA CANpton. Flour Tortillas. 

Ingredients -
1 box of beer batter
1 beer
Any white fish you prefer, cut into small, taco sized fillets
2 cups of vegetable oil

For slaw:
1/2 small purple cabbage, thinly chopped
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 bun of cilantro
1 lime’s juice + some zest
1/3 cup mayo

For cebollitas:
green onions
olive oil
lime juice

Canned jalapeños, sliced avocado.

Step 1: Turn on your broiler or grill. Marinade your cebollitas in a healthy drizzle of olive oil, a healthy pinch of salt and fresh cracked black pepper, squeeze a bit of lime juice. Let it sit there.

Step 2: Make your beer batter as directed on box. Enjoy the rest of that beer. Heat vegetable oil in a heavy sauce pan on high, should be about 2 inches of veggie oil. Coat fish filets in beer batter and gently (perhaps using some tongs) add them to oil. PLEASE BE CAREFUL TO NOT SPLASH OIL AND BURN THE LIVING SHIT SKIN OUT OF YOURSELF. YOU ARE WARNED. CAN’T SUE ME! While your fish starts crisping up and getting golden, put the cebollitas under the broiler. Check on fish, when golden and browned, CAREFULLY using TONGS remove from oil and let drain on some paper towels. Wrap stack of flour tortillas in aluminum and put them under the broiler.

Step 3: Mix all of the slaw ingredients, except for the cabbage, in a blender. Add mixture to shredded cabbage to coat cabbage. 

Step 4: Turn off broiler, remove tortillas and cebollitas which should be looking a little brown and charred. 

Step 5: Make your tacos and finish that 6 pack and then maybe drunkenly write me some messages to tell me it was really good and show me some pictures of said delicious fish tacos. 

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